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Tulips from Flevoland

It’s nearly spring! The crocuses have woken up – splashing violets, whites and the occasional yellows here and there.  In a few weeks, the west of the Netherlands will be in full bloom.  It is not one of the ’50 Drives of a Lifetime’ per Nat Geo’s recommendation for nothing. One of the highlights in

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May Holiday at the Hoge Veluwe

In Netherlands, children get a week-long school break during the month of May.  This is apart from the Easter holidays and unique? to The Netherlands (at least there is no May holiday in Norway for instance).  This year, we decided to explore the central part of Holland in the Gelderland-Veluwe area.  We heard in the

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Vintage Palawan

Before Palawan came to be the Philippines’ top tourist destination (due largely to the Underground River being voted as one of the new seven wonders), it used to receive bad press (malaria-infested, leper colony in Culion, Iwahig penal colony) and for some reason, we had this idea as children that the Palawan natives have tails. 

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