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Iceland’s Vital Resource

Iceland showcases the different phases of its most important resource – water.  The major sectors supporting Iceland’s economy include fisheries, geothermal and hydropower and water itself (export of bottled water) and recently tourism.  In our recent trip to Iceland, we joined a tour where the theme revolved around water in  its different phases. In its

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Katla’s Magic Panties

This is the village of Vik in the Southern tip of Iceland. One side of this town faces the open sea, while the other side lies Katla, an active volcano. Rock cliffs, stone bridges, basaltic fingers shaped by the full force of the sea are nesting places for the Puffins and Arctic terns. The cliffs

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Moon Landing

Originally posted on Out of the Country:
Svalbard, Norway.   This is no-man’s land.  Literally, you don’t need a visa to stay here.  (To myself when I learned that, as if, someone would want to stay here illegally.)  Well, of course as usual, I am mistaken.  There are a number of residents in Spitsbergen coming from…