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Et Eventyr – in Stavanger

Stavanger – the oil capital of Norway, center of the Norwegian ‘oljeeventyret’ (oil adventure) which started with the Ekofisk discovery in the late 60’s (10 years after the Groningen gas field discovery).   On a visit to Stavanger, we took Kuya to the Norsk Oljemuseum.  It houses interactive exhibits and actual equipment from the oil and

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Road Trip to the Norwegian Fjords

‘Sol i Norge!’  (Sun in Norway) That was the headline in the local newspaper three days ago.  It is the best summer in 20 years.  And we happened to pick the right time to drive from Oslo to the west of Norway to see the fjords.  The weather was perfect.  It was the best week-long

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Oslo 101

As Oslo ‘residents’ and even when we were still in Trondheim two years ago, we usually had to accompany visiting relatives and friends for a ‘day tour’ of Oslo.  A day tour is almost impossible considering the numerous things Oslo has to offer but possibly enough for a taste of Norwegian history, culture, tradition and

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Moon Landing

Originally posted on Out of the Country:
Svalbard, Norway.   This is no-man’s land.  Literally, you don’t need a visa to stay here.  (To myself when I learned that, as if, someone would want to stay here illegally.)  Well, of course as usual, I am mistaken.  There are a number of residents in Spitsbergen coming from…