Et Eventyr – in Stavanger

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Stavanger – the oil capital of Norway, center of the Norwegian ‘oljeeventyret’ (oil adventure) which started with the Ekofisk discovery in the late 60’s (10 years after the Groningen gas field discovery).   On a visit to Stavanger, we took Kuya to the Norsk Oljemuseum.  It houses interactive exhibits and actual equipment from the oil and gas industry, the lifeblood of the Norwegian economy.

little driller
emergency escape pod
drill floor
‘driving’ an ROV

Pre-oil Stavanger however already have a long ‘eventyr’ – first as a fishing village, moving to shipbuilding before becoming the Norwegian oil hub.

swans in the city center
Stavanger domkirke – oldest cathedral in Norway
domkirke grounds
best view

An ‘eventyr’ in Stavanger is not complete without hiking the Preikestolen (Pulpit rock).  It was a grueling hike for me – what with my short legs and the big boulders.  I didn’t even manage to take photos from my camera (I had to concentrate my energy on hurdling the next boulder).  For this, thanks for shared photos from the group:)

05 september 2014-93-8

The short breaks helped much. But as we had to catch the flight that afternoon, we had to get going.

05 september 2014-93-9

05 september 2014-93-11
view of the Lysefjord while climbing

It is scarier looking at the pictures after the climb.  But while climbing, my full concentration was on that next step.

05 september 2014-93-15

The reward, exhilarating views from the top!  ‘Til the next adventure!05 september 2014-93-18


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