Ut på Tur – a short visit to Trondheim

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We took the 8 pm flight on a Friday and as luck would have it, when we were approaching Trondheim, the pilot turned off the cabin lights and told everyone to check out the northern lights on the left side of the airplane.  In the 7 years that we have lived in Norway, we have never seen the northern lights.  Now, on a short visit, we finally witnessed this spectacle!

When we arrived, we were a bit disappointed to see that there’s no snow in the airport nor in the city center but when we woke up the following morning, the streets were blanketed with snow.  So we decided to take the bus to Skistua in Bymarka hoping to have some snow so the kids can try skiing.

near the train station
view from the new bridge across the train station towards Pirbadet

There was a lot of fresh snow! We rented some skis, strapped the kids in and before we can even give them some tips, they’re off.  It was difficult to persuade them to take a break and go back as it was getting too cold.

kids tried skiing for the first time


And my favorite part, the after ski waffles and warm chocolate.


We also had a chance to take a walk to Solsiden towards Bakklandet and the Old Town Bridge.

Cafe Lokka in Solsiden
the sun was out so cafes in Bakklandet were full
other side of the Nidelven taken from Bakklandet side
colorful wooden houses

And of course, what makes a place special are friends we shared memories with.  So sorry we were not able to see everyone in such a short time.  That would be a reason to visit again next time then? Skål!






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