Being koselig in Holland

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Today, we woke up to below zero degree, frost on the ground, fog hanging overhead and frozen canals.  It’s now officially winter in Groningen.

border of autumn (on the left) and winter (frozen canal on the right)
frost on the last leaves still clinging to the branches
winter is here
frozen canal near Hoornsemeer

It was freezing.  We went for a walk along the canals in Hoornsemeer, some people went cycling and a bird was trying to cross the road.  Poor bird.

cycling in Hoornsemeer
bird beside the traffic light

Times like this, there’s only one place to go – the Scandinavisch dorp.    It is located in Oude Badweg 1 near the Hoornsemeer lake.  The Scandinavians have perfected the art of being ‘koselig’ (cosy/nice/warm).  And cold winter days such as today are but ordinary to them.  There is a Norwegian cabin-restaurant and a troll greeted us at the entrance.   The place reminds us so much of everything Norsk and all we needed was a fireplace to warm our hands and a cup of coffee to warm our hearts:)  Looking forward to ‘koselig’ winter days ahead.

the Scandinavisch dorp
troll waiting at the entrance
hersft (pumpkin) and kerst (santa)
roaring fire
cookie and latte



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