May Holiday at the Hoge Veluwe

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In Netherlands, children get a week-long school break during the month of May.  This is apart from the Easter holidays and unique? to The Netherlands (at least there is no May holiday in Norway for instance).  This year, we decided to explore the central part of Holland in the Gelderland-Veluwe area.  We heard in the news however that the Giro d’Italia will start at the same area at around the same time that we have planned to visit which means some places will be cordoned off.  So we have decided to first visit the Dolfinarium in Hardewijk, still within 30 minutes drive from the Hoge Veluwe.  The Dolfinarium is Europe’s largest marine mammal park.  I was particularly impressed by the huge dolphin theater. The view from the Dolfinarium was not bad either.

view from the Dolfinarium
the Dolphin theater
underwater action

The following day, we decided to visit the Hoge Veluwe national park.  It is the largest nature reserve in The Netherlands. Home to deers, wild boars, and also a bird sanctuary.  It is so vast that they have provided bicycles at the entrance of the park for visitors to use.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to ride a bike at that time yet so to keep up with Joel and Kuya, I had to jog! Now you know what finally forced me to learn how to bike.

taking a rest under the shade

Inside the park was the Kroller Muller museum housing masterpieces from the likes of Van Gogh and Monet.  There were also outdoor art installations.  The museum has made a self tour guide designed for kids with some questions that children had to answer while looking for the different outdoor art pieces.

outdoor art at the Kroller Muller museum
this got the children’s interest. for the kids, this was a playground!

We spent the night in a bungalow park in a little town called Putten, not far away from the area.  Pictured below is the cottage where we stayed.  The park has other accommodation options.  We just booked the cheapest! The cottage was old but otherwise, clean and just fine for our stay.  The bungalow park is situated in a wooded and very quiet area and unlike other parks which we have been in, each cabin or bungalow has its own backyard offering some privacy.

little cottage in the woods

We also had a chance to visit Apenheul, the first zoo in the world to house ‘free-range’ monkeys.  Some of the monkeys were very curious and friendly.  Mostly looking for food.  So in areas where monkeys roam freely, visitors are cautioned not to bring in food.  Like the Kroller Muller museum, there was also a guide for visitors to spot the different monkeys and get some kind of a badge for it.  Kuya and Julia ticked all the monkeys in the list. The monkeys were fascinating but what was even more fascinating for me is to find a strange looking bird in Apenheul.  Can anyone tell me what this bird is?

curious little monkey
not so little ape
strange looking bird

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