Christmas market at Oldenburg

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Oldenburg is about an hour and a half drive from Groningen and is famous for its Christmas market.  The Christmas market is at the town center and at the backdrop is the St. Lamberti Church.  The atmosphere was festive and Julia was amazed of the huge Christmas trees towering over her (we had a small Christmas tree at home).

Lamberti Christmas Market
so happy to be here!
wooden huts selling arts and crafts and food


We arrived at about 11 o’clock just as the shops were opening.  We were starving so we first checked out what were the choices for lunch.  For the kids it was easy, bratwurst! while for Joel and I, barbecue steak in a bun.  And for dessert, waffles on stick dipped in chocolate and candy sprinkles. Yum!





After lunch, we checked out the handicrafts on sale.  There were really nice and pretty items on sale.


And for the kids there are carousels, a ferris wheel and a pony ride.


For Julia though the most important thing was to see Santa.  She waited for 5 hours in the cold to see Santa.  We convinced her to see Santa some other time, maybe in the Philippines because it was too cold to be waiting for so long outside but she would have none of it.  First row, in the stage waiting for Santa!



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