We’ve moved to Holland!

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last day  – in Oslo fjord

Yes, after 7 years in Norway, we’ve decided, it’s time to see more of the world.  Here’s Joel and me spending our last day having coffee and juice in the Oslo fjord thinking of the things we’ll miss in Norway and contemplating our next adventure.  Our next destination, Holland!  And I think we’ve arrived when we saw the following sign in our hotel.

sign in the hotel

And after 6 months in our temporary accommodation, we found a more permanent place to stay in Groningen which has been our home for 2 and a half years now.  As these was our third move in a span of 7 years we have learned to accumulate less things and only bring along what’s important to us – in this case our kids and our rice cooker!  Joel is so happy cradling the rice cooker:)

Moving day – kids – check!, rice cooker – check! we’re good

Groningen is a vibrant, student city in the northern part of Holland.  It reminds me so much of Trondheim because of its young (student) population. Like the rest of the Netherlands there are lovely canals in the city center and windmills in the small villages around it.  You’ll never get tired walking along the canals.

Canals in Groningen
Windmill in Groningen, winter sunset

Since we came here in June 2014, we’ve enjoyed driving around Holland, visiting the different cities, villages and spending weekends following walking routes as well as joining in traditional Dutch celebrations that our kids enjoy very much and of course biking.  I have a little confession to make – I never rode a bike in my life, never knew how to.  But now, I do. And that, I learned here in Holland.  (Both my kids, now 7 and 4 learned first and so I just had to, with encouragement from my 4 year old – ‘ýou are getting the hang of it Nans’).

Holland is a beautiful country and it is most beautiful in spring! But Holland in spring deserves a post all on its own:) Till next time!


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