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These birds got me interested in birds.  These are Atlantic Puffins. They can be found in Norway, Iceland (the pictures below are from a Puffin colony in Vik, South of Iceland), Greenland and North Atlantic islands.  They are also referred to as ‘sea parrots’ perhaps because of their colorful beaks.  Some interesting facts about Puffins:

1.  They are monogamous.

DSC00995 (Large)

2.  Puffin pairs bond by building their nest together.  They are into building and repairing their burrows.

DSC00992 (Large)

3. Puffins share parental responsibility for the single egg that the female lays each year.   They take turns incubating the egg.

DSC00986 (Large)

4.  Once the egg hatches, the male guards and maintains the nest while the female takes care of the young.

DSC00990 (Large)

5. They feed their young with fish.  They can carry as much as 30 small fishes in their beaks, so they save time travelling back and forth to their nests.

DSC00988 (Large)

6.  When young Puffins are mature enough, they leave their burrows.  But during spring time, they tend to return to land and to the colony where they were hatched.

DSC00985 (Large)

7.  They are also called ‘clowns of the sea’ because of their clown-like eyes.  Their head movements are a bit comical too (and synchronized in this case).  Fun to watch. And photograph.

DSC00987 (Large)


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