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Finally, after a long wait, summer is here in Oslo.  Theoretically, it’s past mid-summer already but yesterday was the first time that I was able to wear a t-shirt for the whole day.  So for me, that is proper summer.  Joel and I took the kids for a walk after work.  It was only a short walk, around 5km from our place, but we got to see a varied landscape.  For those wanting to see more of nature, Oslo has a lot to offer and all very accessible with public transport.  Oslo is flanked by forests in the north (Nordmarka) and the Southeast (Østmarka).  In the southwest, where we are, it has the fjords.  All these nature in about 10 to 20 minutes from the city center by public transport.  In our case, it was a short 5 km walk to the Bygdøy peninsula where the museums are located as I mentioned in my previous post.

In the first two kilometers, we pass by Frogner stranda, the parking place for the city sailboats and the ducks (both migrants and residents).


Sailboats in Frognerstranda


View of the fjord

In the next three kilometers, we are in the Bygdøy peninsula and we see the greenery which gets denser and denser as we go further in.


Bygdøy peninsula


Into the woods


Forest in Bygdøy

Finally, we reach the stone beach at the other side of the peninsula.  It’s nice to be able to do this on a weekday, after work until the sun sets. At 10:30 PM.


Huk beach


Warm enough


Busy with the stones at 7:30 PM


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