Filipino Cultural Icons in a Bali Museum

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As it turned out, there is more to Bali for me than just the beach.  First, is the  Amorsolo (Philippine National Artist) painting in its museum.  It is the first time I saw one of his works in my life and it is an impressive piece.  I wonder where to find his collections in the Philippines.

bali3In the museum, there is also an exhibit of what looks like the Balinese version of our ‘Manananggal’, a mythical Vampire-like creature capable of separating its torso and flying.  It preys on unborn fetuses of pregnant women.  In the old days, miscarriages are sometimes blamed on ‘Manananggals.’  The weakness of these creatures is said to be in the lower torso left somewhere while they hunt for food.  To kill these creatures, salt should be sprinkled in the lower torso. It is interesting to know that although we’re separated by oceans and have different religions, histories and language we actually have more in common with our Asian neighbours than we think.



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