Moon Landing

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Out of the Country

Svalbard, Norway. 


 This is no-man’s land.  Literally, you don’t need a visa to stay here.  (To myself when I learned that, as if, someone would want to stay here illegally.)  Well, of course as usual, I am mistaken.  There are a number of residents in Spitsbergen coming from Asia – Thailand, Iraq.  They don’t have visas to stay in Norway so they opted to stay in Svalbard.  These are tough people.  Svalbard is the most Northernly place with a small community.  Further North of Svalbard and only scientists stay for months to do their research on Arctic stuff.  There are more polar bears here than humans and to venture out, one needs to bring a gun to protect himself from being eaten by the polar bears.  So, it is no joke living here.  But the community here is thriving.  There is a kindergarten.  There is a University. Alcohol is way…

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