Where Elephants Rule

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Bangkok, Thailand.


Finally, Thai Airways have direct flights from Oslo to Bangkok!  So without giving it a second thought, we purchased tickets via Bangkok for our annual Christmas homecoming.  I was of course very excited to see the elephants and the fuss about the lady boys (didn’t succeed on this one though).  I mentioned to Joel that I was only excited to see the elephants, not to ride them but he insisted and since he already took Joaquin with him, I have no choice but to join in.  Explains the scared smile in the photo.


Bangkok’s floating market was also a real delight.  Beside the floating market, there are lots of food kiosks where everything should be paid to the Madame (there was a big sign saying this with the photo of Madame).  I couldn’t help but recall, how in brothels, all deals should be done with the Madame.  I guess it’s the same thing.While we were there, we also visited different temples and listened to some Buddhist monks do their prayer chants and finally, in the last day of our trip we watched the elephant show which featured among others elephants playing soccer!  What fun!


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